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Why not choose the wedding planner?

The Wedding Planner is a figure recently born, but that is growing rapidly. Unfortunately there are many impromptu, which put a strain on people who do this job with professionalism and experience. If it is true that everyone can arrange his marriage alone, it certainly can not manage the anxiety and possible obstacles that the organization of an event often involves. This figure, not only takes care of all the worries of the case, but guarantees professionalism and cool head in dealing with the most complicated situations. Such as, what once happened to us, and the bride out of the house, the girl unfortunately due to high heels, we strongly discouraged, tore up the dress from the inside ... we sewed the dress .. ... and I assure you that no one noticed it :-) But this is just the thing quieter .. once the other hand, some suppliers, in handing over the wedding cake, due to car accident, the cake has arrived at the destination which now looked like a mess ... Fortunately, there were still five hours! In short, the Wedding Planner is a shoulder on which to rely entrusting all the anxieties and concerns. And 'one who recommends, but respects and your desires. It 's just a tool in your hands

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